Gdynia / Gdańsk

Pickup from the ship or ferry

Taxi from the ferry or ship Order a taxi online by completing the short booking form. The passenger will receive the price in advance regardless of the day of the week or time. An alternative to the taxi corporation is a fixed flat fee. Payment secured by the highest standards on the website, as well as cash or card with the driver. The driver always awaits his guests with a name plate ahead of time. During the transfer, you can change the route or rent a driver with a car for longer. The most popular journeys from the ferry to the city center, and from the ship in Gdynia or Gdańsk to the old city to visit attractions. Frequently visited places are St. Mary's Basilica, Amber Gallery, Westerplatte monument, Neptune Fountain, Oliwa Cathedral with organ concert. Transfer to the ferry or ship from anywhere we will accept by e-mail, telephone or discussing with a driver who is dedicated to his passenger. On board smaller cars, vans or minibuses or buses there is free wireless Internet, drinking water and child seats. Passenger transport in Sopot, Gdańsk and Gdynia, as well as interurban and international travel covered by the NNW insurance package. We are the organizer of tourist events.