One Day Trip to the Hel Peninsula - Baltic Coast 8 Persons


The Hel Peninsula is the most identifiable feature created by nature on the map of Poland. This characteristic long tail of land is as recognizable as Poland as is the boot shape for Italy. The Hel wall of sand is a peninsula created by the currents and wind of the Baltic Sea and is approximately 34 km long. The narrowest part is only 100 m of sand wide and the widest is 3 km. It is difficult to believe that here just 300 years ago there were only a few islands and a thousand years ago nothing but the deep waters of the sea. Today the Hel Peninsula is a part of the Protected Coastal Marine Reserve. It is a unique tourist attraction on a European scaleThe coastal resorts spreading along the sands attract thousands of tourists.

If you speak English poorly, you can take part in this tour with a German, Spanish, Italian, Norwegian and Swedish translator with us for an additional fee.