Trip to the Wolf's Lair - Hitler's quarters 8 people


Welcome to Adolf Hitler's former war headquarters "Wolf's Lair" - in the concrete town of bunkers in the forests near Ketrzyn. During the war, it was here that the most important decisions were made in the German war machine. From here, Barbaross's operation was supervised, and it was here that Fuhrer's bold, but unsuccessful assassination attempt, carried out by Claus Shenk von Stauffenberg. If you speak English poorly, you can take part in this tour with a German, Spanish, Italian, Norwegian and Swedish translator with us for an additional fee.

Stop At: Wilczy Szaniec, Gierloz 5 Forest in Gierłoż near Kętrzyn, Gierloz 11-400 Poland The area, chosen as Hitler’s HQ, was located far away from the thoroughfares, in an old mixed forest, constituting a year-round natural protection of the facilities. The Great Masurian Lakes stretching east from the Kętrzyn forest were a natural obstacle to ground forces. Hitler spent over 800 days here.